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Classes in meditation

Meditation can help you to center yourself on your higher wisdomit’s always within you, whether you realize it or not. Come into a clearer state of well-being through a mindful approach that increases self-awareness and integrates all facets of your life into harmony.

The whole purpose of meditation is to strengthen your mind and support your talents. As your awareness gradually expands into the realm of loving-kindness, any doubt or confusion can gently melt away and resolve any challenge you might be facing.

Come to a class for group meditation in silence in The Listening Room. Or request individual supportive coaching, either on the phone or in person, to assist you in your quest for a clearer way to understand your life.

Classes in Judaic philosophy

can inspire the mind: subjects include:

anger & humility; money & trust.

You'll find books, class podcasts, chants, and a blog, at this website,

all designed to help you find your own inner peace.

You can respond or ask questions on the blog page. I'm looking forward to hearing from you...

Myra Estelle

Awakening Love

A Spiritual Quest Into Judaism

by Myra Estelle

  1. BulletThese are the teachings of the Kabbalah, given in a way that’s easy to understand. Join this spiritual quest into teachings that have guided and sustained a whole nation for thousands of years.

  2. BulletYou can venture into an enlightening journey and discover the beautiful love that’s hidden within you!

  3. BulletDiscover what the sages knew when they revealed the inner teachings in Judaism.

  4. BulletExperience the loving, supportive wisdom that can nurture your soul.

Available in paperback and e-book at

The most important parts of us are invisible. Even though we’re clearly created in a physical form, so much of who we are can’t be seen in the material world. Every feeling we have, every sense about life, all of our knowledge and analytical understanding, can be expressed through our physical actions, but each of these attributes always remains completely unseen.

When we speak of being made in the image of God, we are referring to this invisible image, of the qualities within our own mind.

Excerpt from

Awakening Love:

A Spiritual Quest Into Judaism

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The Way The World Works

A Journey Toward Inner Peace

by Myra Estelle

  1. BulletGet ready to unravel the mystery of life.

  2. BulletStep into a new way of seeing your place in this world.

  3. BulletDiscover the creative essence of your own self.

  4. BulletConnect what you need with what you get.

  5. BulletDevelop trust in life’s positive flow.

... why is it so hard for us to live together peacefully on our one planet?

  Myra Estelle’s quest for answers uncovered a clearer way to experience life, and gradually she began to experience more joy and inner peace.

Through her research into this new perspective, she has found a way to access a nurturing state of love from within, which can calm the mind and ease stress. She now teaches how you can experience this inner peace for yourself, and create more fulfilling relationships. If you want to see peace in the world, it can only begin from a peaceful place within your own heart.

Talks & Discussion Group Workshops

Myra Estelle is a very supportive teacher. She’s been encouraging and guiding students who are ready to take on their own inner quest. She helps people to discover a clearer way of thinking that can ease difficulties and make life more deeply meaningful.

You can invite Myra Estelle to speak or lead a group workshop by contacting:

Myra Estelle’s books and classes

You can find clear guidance about the inner quest in Myra’s books and classes. Listen to some sample classes for free on the Classes page on this website. Readers and students often say that they’ve learned a whole new way to find inner peace.

Listen to COMPLETE class podcasts

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Forms of Consciousness (3.5min)

It all began with a question . . .

Join us at the LISTENING ROOM

Shabbat Classes at

The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale

every Saturday,

before Mincha

Discussions & meditation on the spiritual aspects

of Judaism

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Judaic Psalm Chants

Chanting is the way to open your heart and mind to find inner peace.  It creates joy and is the greatest therapy for healing in your life.

The words of these chants are from original psalms. They encourage everyone on earth to sing new songs of blessings. Sing them for a while and you’ll experience an inner harmony that releases tension and encourages you to smile. 

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Many of Myra’s teachings are free

and people have been asking how they can ensure that she continues with all of her projects. If you have been helped by her teachings you can now help to support others through her ongoing work here:


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